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Our Mission

To provide an experience for our customers, a platform for our military, and a community for our members through advanced tactical training and safe weapons handling.

Stronghold SOF Solutions (SOF S3) is a US provider of relevant training solutions for the warfighter and law enforcement officer. We solve the hard problems that both the military and law enforcement face. SOF S3 combines the capabilities and experience of SOF veterans from every branch of the military.

SOF S3 also offers the premier training venue for all military and law enforcement units, supporting the entire spectrum of training requirements. SOF S3 is the largest SOF Veteran Owned and Operated military/law enforcement training platform in the country. We believe high level training, education, and professionalism will enable US forces across the globe to complete their mission. We are committed to the warfighter abroad, and the officer at home. We are committed to excellence.